All About Tow Trucks 

For a tow truck company in stamford, it is not easy picking a tow truck that is right for the job. It has to be perfect for your job’s limitations, meaning you have to know your business model first and foremost. There are different kinds of tow trucks that can only tow certain types of vehicles. Before buying a tow truck, it will be best to set limitations on your towing service and let the people know that you only cater to certain vehicles. Picking the right hitch is like picking household appliances, it has to fit your wants and needs. 

If you are looking to be a heavy vehicle towing company, then the “Gooseneck Hitch” is the one for the job. This kind of hitch which is placed on the bed of your truck can tow up to 6,000 pounds of heavy duty vehicles, mainly other commercial trucks, SUV’s, and even a bus. It will be wise to customize your tow truck and make sure it has other add-ons that will help in easing the workload. 

If you want a normal size tow truck and you want to be safe when you are on the job, you can try installing a “weight-distributing hitch”. One of the hazardous events that can happen to you while towing another vehicle, is that your truck can be capsized if the weight is too much on one side. This hitch will be able to patch that issue up and make sure that you are riding on equal weight for your safety. 

Class 1-2 receivers are built for lightweight cars and mini-SUVs. If you want to focus on volume and maintenance, then this is the type of hitch that you should aim for when you start a towing company. This hitch can carry a maximum of 200 pounds and this kind of weight won’t be too much of a load for a powerful tow truck. This means more work for a longer time, that means a long period of income for you. 

If you decide on class 3 receivers, then you will be dealing with welterweight vehicles that can go as heavy as 800 pounds. These cars that you will tow are heavy duty and built differently from small cars. If you want to go into this kind of towing business, be sure that you are well equipped with knowledge about these types of cars to avoid breakage and complicates while on the job. 

When choosing the type of tow truck for your company, it is best to choose the line of business that you are confident and strong with your knowledge. You wouldn’t want to risk getting into business with cars that you are not familiar with, it can hurt your business and reputation hard and swiftly. 

It is hard to make a decision, but hopefully after reading this article you now how have a clearer picture of what you want to get into. Further research and prior knowledge will always give you confidence in making the best business decision. 

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