Properly prepare for a residential Painting project?

When it comes to hiring a professional painting service to come over to your home to handle a painting project. It can sometimes be a pain to have everything ready and in place. We are very fortunate to have Painter in Montreal as friends that can give us some guidance on what do they expect from their clients before arriving on the day of the start of the job.

Safety of children and pets

It is imperative that you consider where your children and pets will be during the painting of your home. If the project is a large project that involves all areas of your home. We strongly recommend that you make arrangements to have the grand-parents, a family member or friends to look after your children and pets during the time it takes to paint your home. Too often, we have been in situation whereby clients have their children and pets running around the job site , which can impose great danger for your young children and pets. Please consider making proper arrangements ahead of schedule so that when the day arrives. The painters can comfortably begin their work safely.

Painter in Montreal Preparation for project

Furniture and Valuables

The more space a painter has to work. The quick and better it is. To help speed things up, if you have the physical man power available to you. We recommend moving furniture to the center of a room so that the walls required to be painted are kept free from any obstacles. If you do not have man power available to you to move around furniture. Arrange with your Painter if this can be a service they can provide to you. Keep in mind that our friendly painting contractor , does all the covering of furniture so as to not get paint on anything.

Also it is important to remember to remove any paintings or family portrait frames from your walls that will be painted. Have it stored somewhere securely.

You do not want any valuables missing during a paint project. We recommend that you store away your precious items out of the way so that nothing goes missing during a project. The last thing you want is a dispute over something that goes missing. This is why our trusted partner Painter in Montreal advised to always clear your home from anything that may be valuable to you out of anyone’s sight.