How to extend the life of your Carpet?

Everyday we get asked about maintaining carpets. People seem to believe that once a carpet is installed , it requires no maintenance. However, the reality is such that like everything in life. If you do not do the things to up keep anything. There will be a high chance that it will not last through the ultimate test of time. Our friends over at Montreal Carpet Cleaning help us with some tips that we will share with you today to give you some guidance.

Regular Daily clean up

If you spend some time every day during your regular daily routines when cleaning other portions of your home. Include your carpet in this routine. You do not have to spend a fortune of time in looking after your carpet. Keep it simple and fast as to not over tire yourself and find it being a dreadful task to perform daily.

You can start by simply picking up any debris that has not yet settled in the root fabric of your carpet. Let everyone in your home know to not eat over any carpet surfaces in your home. Keep the surface cleared and out of any garbage or droppings from every day use.

Weekly Cleaning

If you do this step on a weekly basis you will prolong the life of your carpet drastically. It takes a little time on a weekly basis but trust the advice we received from our trusted Montreal Carpet Cleaning company. Vacuum your valuable and beautiful carpet weekly. Focus on the highly traffic areas. Surfaces that the kids walk and run on mostly. High traffic zones , especially front areas that receives the most walking due being at the entrance of the home, back door or basement. Our friends over at Montreal Carpet Cleaning , recommend to move furniture such a couches that are on legs to get under properly so that nothing is missed.

Montreal Carpet Cleaning home cleaning tip

Monthly Deep Cleaning using Solvents

Once a month you can use some safe Eco-friendly carpet cleaning soap that you can purchase at your local hardware or carpet store. Give your carpet a nice deep cleanse leaving it smelling nice and fresh. The goal is to remove odors, debris, dirt, dust that resides at the fabric level of your carpet. Please make sure to use safe products for your family and pets. Do not use just any type of cleaning products on your carpet. Some cleaners may be more harmful than good for your carpet.

Gently massive your carpet with the solvent, mix with some luke warm water to ensure full penetration. We recommend doing this process on a week-day when the family is not a home so that it has the ability to dry comfortably. If you can not do it on a week day, you can do it on a weekend. Make sure that your spouse or grand-parents take the kids out for the day. There will be some chemical smell in the air which you do not want your young children to breath in.

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